Who are we:

Growing Minds Learning And Therapy Centre, situated at 4 Gordon Street, Gardens, Western Cape is a newly established, comprehensive and holistic educational and therapy establishment.  

We are an independent school registered with the Western Cape Education Department.  We are an inclusive school committed to providing the right academic and therapy and enrichment for your child, helping them reach their full potential in a caring and nurturing environment.  


What we do:


The school welcomes children between Grade R and Grade 7 and as an inclusive school we strive to accommodate children with learning or emotional difficulties that are struggling to reach their full potential in a mainstream school but a remedial or special needs school is not deemed appropriate. Our children thrive in our smaller environment and more individualised learning.  Our schoo provides a nurturing space within which children can work at their own pace and at an appropriate level within a CAPS aligned curriculum. Each child is given an Individualised Learning Programme which includes Integrated Learning Therapy as a foundational therapy.  Other therapies may be recommended to ensure that we provide comprehensive and holistic support.  

Our Values:


For all our learners, staff, parents and wider community. We encourage our learners to show compassion, understanding and acceptance of differences and individuality.

For our environment and the world around us. We teach and encourage sustainable living and environmentally friendly practices. 


Learning should be fun and we encourage our learners to enjoy and embrace each day of learning and play.


We encourage our learners to embrace knowledge and to apply it to their day to day lives. Learning is not just what happens during school hours but continues in understanding how what we learn at school, can be applied to the world around us.  We encourage inquiring minds, critical thinking and deeper understanding.


or call Growing Minds on  +27 21 461 1709