Because each learner is unique and has different strengths and challenges, an assessment is undertaken prior to the learner joining the school.

The Integrated Learning Therapy assessment is not a ‘pen and paper’ test nor does it produce scored results which are compared to norms and averages. It is a holistic assessment of the learner, reviewing different aspects such as the learner’s ability to learn effectively, as well as other factors that may, in some cases, be inhibiting effective learning or behaviour. In essence, identifying and addressing the root causes of difficulties rather than putting a ‘band-aid’ on the problem.

The assessment may be conducted over a number of days depending on the child.  At the same time other academic assessments are undertaken to provide us with as much information as possible.  After the assessments, a plan of action is prepared that could include therapy at a core foundational level as well as classroom, home, and remedial interventions.

For each learner, an Individualised Learning Programme is drawn up that will enable the child to begin their learning at an appropriate level within each section of their curriculum. This can also support children who work beyond their expected levels.  We help each child to reach their full potential.

The Individualised Learning Programmes allow for ongoing realistic assessment based on what the child is learning rather than what they should have learnt according to their grade.  It also allows us to create achievable goals which leads to a greater sense of achievement and continued development of the child’s abilities and skills.