Attention and Concentration Difficulties

A key part of a child’s development is the expectation that they will be able to maintain their attention and concentration for progressively longer periods of time.  One of the main indicators for school readiness is whether the child can attend to information for periods of time. When a child has difficulty with attention and concentration they often miss instructions and have difficulty completing tasks.  In the fast paced learning curriculum students can fall behind quickly and so their school performance can suffer. At home, instructions may need to be repeated over and over, and it can be really difficult to get out of the house on time, as the attention the child needs to stay on task and get ready is so limited and distractions so quick to influence. Our Comprehensive Assessment is designed to assess your child’s ability to maintain attention, and investigate the individual skills and abilities that contribute towards your child’s attention and concentration skills.  The OT may also request to observe your child at their school or speak with your child’s teacher to get a picture of attention and concentration in the busier classroom environment.

When attention and concentration is improved, longer and more complicated tasks can be completed.  At school, the ability to attend to the lesson at hand, means that learning increases, tasks are completed and ultimately performance is improved.  Homework can be finished more quickly and daily routines such as getting ready for school can be completed more efficiently (do we hear the parents saying Amen!).