Foundation and Senior Primary Classes


The Foundation Class accommodates learners in a multi - age and multi - level setting of grade 1 to grade 3 learners. Our Senior Primary Class accommodates learners in a multi-age and multi-level setting of grade 4 - grade 7.  We group children by abilities rather than ages so that they can work through the curriculum at the appriopriate level at their own pace, ensuring understanding and competence before moving on to the next concept or level.
Learners can work together without any one of them feeling out of their depth or inaequate because they don't understand certain concepts or be frustrated because they would like to move on to new concepts and challenges.  By incorporating different ages, we provide opportunities for children to learn from each other, to encourage team work, mentoring and build confidence and self esteem.  A child that can fully explain a concept to another child, knows the topic well! 


The class is CAPS aligned and reports are given to each child at the end of each term outlining their progress within their Individualised Learning Programme.  Regular feedback and update sessions are held with the parents.

Our small classes support individualised and our experienced and qualified teachers provide an integrated approach to teaching the curriculum.  

In designing our classrooms, we have carefully considered every aspect of learning, from the colour of the walls, the lighting, the equipment and stationery available and the seating and desk options.  Each learner’s needs are carefully considered to make sure the environment is as conducive to their learning as possible.  We also have a range of remedial products such as incline boards, pencil grips, remedial scissors etc. available for the learners to use as needed. 

Class Hours

The Foundation Class follows the WCED school terms.  School times will be between 08h00 and 14h00 Monday to Thursday and 08h00 to 13h30 on Fridays.  Parents are encouraged to drop their children at the Centre between 07h45 and 08h00 to enable the children to settle before beginning the day and take part in therapy movement programs designed for them.  


Recognising that many parents are working full time, aftercare is available to learners from 14h30 to 17h30 Monday to Thursday and from 13h30 to 17h30 on Fridays.  Learners will have an opportunity to complete classwork and take part in activities designed by the aftercare facilitator.  


Recognising the importance of good nutrition and appreciating the link between nutrition and learning, parents are encouraged to pack only healthy foods and water for their child's school snacks.

Homework policy

Additional work is not be given to the child to do at home after the school day unless it forms a necessary component of their Individualised Learning Programmes. Time is allocated before the end of each day for learners to do reinforcement and consolidation.  

Interactive Learning

Hands on learning is crucial within the classroom and every effort is made to accommodate different learning styles.   Regular field trips and excursions that complement the curriculum are made to enhance understanding and knowledge.  These trips could be as simple as a trip to the shop to purchase seedlings for planting, a trip to the beach to learn about tides, or it could be a visit to a local museum.  Parents are encouraged to join their children on these trips when appropriate and may be asked to assist in transporting the learners.