For Teachers

Many children in our classes today are struggling with issues ranging from attention difficulties to behavioural or emotional challenges.  Our fast paced curriculum and pressure to succeed can place huge stress on children who are finding it more and more difficult to cope.

Teachers, too, are under pressure to teach a fast-paced curriculum to large numbers of children, as well as manage many different educational needs within their classrooms.  Growing Minds Learning and Therapy can provide a place for those children who are not coping in the classroom or who are not reaching their full potential. 

 Likewise, children who have medical or physical issues often miss school and end up far behind  in their schoolwork.   When they eventually return to school, they are faced with a mountain of missed assignments, projects, schoolwork and homework that needs to be caught up.  We can provide a safe, nurturing environment at which the child can continue working at a more appropriate pace while they are unable to attend school on a regular basis.  We will liaise with the teachers to help the child continue with the school’s curriculum so that when they return to school, they are more able to cope.

 We recognize the difficulties that teachers face in the classrooms and we offer workshops and talks by different professionals on a range of different subjects that will provide support and help the teacher manage better in the classroom.