Learning during Covid-19

Our school is known for its progressive and innovative approach to learning.  Since the beginning of our second term, we have been conducting virtual classes from 09h00 to 14h00 Mondays to Fridays with our teachers guiding the interactive lessons.  Our children have had the opportunity to engage with the teachers and their peers during this time in subject lessons as well as PE lessons and assemblies..  We have ensured that no child has fallen behind or not had access to their lessons.  Our workbooks and workpacks which were handed out before the lockdown commenced, includes their learning material with the full curriculum.  Assessments and assignments are continuing to take place so that we can complete the full term knowing that our children have continued to learn.

Self Study Option

As schools begin to reopen, we recognise that many parents will choose not to send their children to school.  To help parents, we introduced a self  study programme. This programme allows children to use the preprinted subject workbooks for their grade but not engage with the virtual classes on a daily basis.  This is an ideal opportunity for children who can work more independently and who can receive guidance at home.  They can take advantage of the weekly session to interact with their teacher and use a suggested timetable as well as recommended video links and materials.  

I School

Following the success of our virtual classrooms, we have introduced I School.  I School is a virtual online learning classroom for children who wish to engage in a structured environment but in the safety of their homes.  Lessons will be conducted daily through virtual platforms and learners will work in the preprinted workbooks.  Learners will follow the CAPS curriculum and all required assessments will be completed either online or in the workbooks. 

The self study option and I School are available both to learners in Growing Mnds and external students.

For   details on these options please contact Denise on 021 461 1709 or email denise@growingminds.capetown.