There are many products that can provide support to learners within the classroom and we are pleased to be able to offer the products detailed below.   Please note that postage and delivery is not included in the prices below and delivery times will depend on availability from the suppliers.

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Incline Board

R390 each - Durable and lightweight, with three different positions for reading and writing. Fits open A4 book, has rubber ‘feet’ to enhance stability. Promotes fine and visual motor skills, helps with posture, promotes efficient pencil grip and reduces eye strain.

Seat Wedges

R260.00 eachDenim covered foam seat wedge gently tilts the hips, pelvis and spine forward to place kids in a more active seating position when sitting at a desk. Helps children focus for longer periods of time and encourages good posture. Also supports posture for children sitting on the floor.

Coloured Overlays

R90 for pack of 4Plastic overlays in a pack of four (blue, red, yellow and green) Can be placed over a page of a book so as to colour the text beneath without interfering with its clarity. Can reduce the perceptual distortions of text enabling some children to read text more fluently and with less discomfort and fewer headaches.



Let’s learn the Alphabet - letter formation handwriting books

 R45.00 each Teaches and practices letter formation for left and right handers, promotes colour and letter recognition as well as fine motor skills.

 Let’s Learn to write numbers - number formation handwriting books


 R45.00 each - Teaches and practices number formation for left and right-handers, promotes colour recognition and number recognition as well as fine motor skills.

 Guide to the left handed learner

R120.00 each Covers issues such as teaching fine motor skills to left-handed learners and differences in sport, at home and in the classroom.
Smart Eating for Smart  Brains
R200 each - This book is writing by Dr Shirley Kokot, educational psychologist and founder of Integrated Learning Therapy.  The realisation of the role of nutrition in learning and copy with the demands of life is growing.  This book describes the role of food in learning and behaviour and gives guidelines for identifying ad addressingn food related concerns.

Easy grip scissors

 R190.00 each - 45mm rounded blade, self-opening scissors. Designed for use by those with low muscle tone in hands or fingers. Left and right-handed versions available, blade guard supplied for safety.

Self-opening scissors

 R200.00 each 45mm, rounded blade, conventional scissors with a discreet spring that will automatically reopen the scissors. Ideal for children in a mainstream setting who need some extra assistance when using scissors. Left and right handed versions available, blade guard supplied for safety.

Long loop scissors

 R185.00 each 45mm, rounded blade, designed with an extended loop to give increased strength and control over the cutting action. Assists children with poor motor control, particularly those with dyspraxia. Left and right-handed versions available, blade guard supplied for safety.