From Tatiana, mother to Helena and Isabela,  

Around one year ago, my husband and I were looking for school for our two daughters, Helena and Isabela. We decided to go to Cape Town and live there for six months, as part of my husband’s PHD studies. After thinking in many possibilities, we felt very insecure about what was the best option for our girls. They didn’t speak English and never lived out of Brazil before.

After a lot of searching for schools around Cape Town, one day, my husband found the website of “Growing Minds Learning and Therapy Center”. We had a very good feeling about it. We wrote a letter to Denise, the school’s head and she was absolutely amazing since our first contact. We felt like someone hugged us and said welcome! She made everything be so easy and confortable. For us, it was like a gift. Finally, we arrived in Cape Town 11 January, and some days later, we went to school to meet Denise and teachers. What a good sensation. A nice friendly house, full of love.  Small classes, look for every child like unique and different. Discipline and sweet walking together. My daughters had their first day in the school, and, surprise me, they were totally welcome for everybody. After two weeks, they were completely integrated and with a lot of friends.

What can I say about their friends? Just the best. New lovely people in our life all the time. We were welcome by families, teachers and kids. They had lovely teachers. We met some friends who I want to keep forever. We had moments with we’ll always remember. My daughters learned about life, friendship and love. They learned English, and also tried to teach some Portuguese to curious friend.

When I think about the Growing Minds school, my heart smile. It is those kinds of special schools in the world, in which every teacher loves every child and every child loves the school.


Thank you Growing Minds school, with all my love and respect.


Warm regards,