Our aim at Growing Minds is to provide holistic and comprehensive support to learners.

The foundational therapy we offer is Integrated Learning Therapy (ILT). Developed by an Educational Psychologist and specialist in the field of learning difficulties and gifted children, this form of therapy looks to unravel the root causes of learning or behavioural difficulties, taking a holistic approach to the child. Once possible causes have been identified, we provide the appropriate therapy and support.

The therapy programme is done at school during the day, under the supervision of a trained ILT practitioner and forms part of our Individualised Learning Programmes.

When appropriate we also provide a range of reading programmes and access to computer software that support reading and language skills, auditory and visual processing skills as well as memory development.

Additional therapies such as speech therapy, physiotherapy, play therapy and educational psychology are also offered, some of which may take place at the school after school hours.

We sell a range of remedial products such as remedial scissors, incline boards and handwriting workbooks that will continue to assist learners at Growing Minds and at home. These products are also available to schools and therapists.